This equipment performs the whole process of cutting and folding compresses of different sizes from a gauze roll up to 1100mm in diameter and 1250mm wide

Main Features:

  • Mechanical systems:
    1. Easy change Fast dimension change of mechanical elements for different compress sizes.
    2. Fast and easy packing Vertical outlet of compresses for quick packaging.
    3. RX Binder Incorporation of barium wire with reduced maintenance.
      1. Innovation
        1. Clean cut Long-lasting cutting system for crushing allowing the union of the cut fibres and avoiding loose threads and waste.
        2. Automatically Automatic dust extraction and removal system.
        3. Hidden cutting tips Integrated system to hide cutting points.
        4. Mechanic clean 100% clean mechanical elements to eliminate contamination points.
  • Sistemas de controlo:
    1. Operator friendly It allows easy parameterisation of parameters by recipe management, display, production history, alarm and meter count.
    2. Assistec Remote connection for fault rectification and software updates.
    3. Easy cut Transverse rotary cutter with servomotor for precision and durability of the blade with self-lubrication.
      1. Innovation
        1. Tensotronic High precision electronic system for real time tension control and gauze stabilization.
        2. Multi-axis Servo drive axles with multi-axis controllers that allow the use of the energy regenerated by the motors and consequently the reduction of energy consumption.
        3. Ultra Purehumidity Innovative low-energy humidification system to suppress electrostatic charge and stabilise fibres which reduces external contamination.
        4. CAM folder Folding controlled by electronic came.

Fold type

Classic Fold

Size of compresses No. of tracks
5 x 5 10
7.5 x 7.5 8
10 x 10 6
10 x 15 3
20 x 15 3
30 x 15 2
50 x 50 1

*other dimensions on request

Security Fold

Size of compresses No. of tracks
5 x 5 5
7.5 x 7.5 4
10 x 10 3

*other dimensions on request

Technical characteristics of the machine:

Smart Folder
Dimensions of the feed roll (jumbo roll)Maximum width: 1250mm
Maximum diameter: 1100mm
(approx. 12000 metres of fabric allowing for an 8-hour shift of continuous work)
Number of layers4/8/12/16
Cuts per minute80
Fold typeClassic and Security
ExitElectronic control compressor counter and separator
EngineFull Servo
Supply voltage400Vac 3P+N+PE
Installed power3kW
Compressed air pressure6bar
SecuritySecurity system in accordance with European CE legislation

Valid reasons for ADATEC solutions

  • Complete engineering concept with customer-specific solution
  • Complete solution from a single supplier (turnkey)
  • Knowledge of processes and systems
  • Over 40 years of experience in gauze processing
  • Modern manufacturing methods with high quality profitability and high degree of automation
  • Optimized operating costs