Automatic thermoformer, designed for automatic packaging of compresses.

Main features:

  • Mechanical systems:
    1. Easy change Fast dimension change of mechanical elements for different compress sizes.
  • Control systems:
    1. Operator friendly Allows easy parameter setting by recipe management, display, production history and alarm.
    2. Assistec Remote connection for fault rectification and software updates.

Technical characteristics of the machine:

Thermoformer TFM
Film width420mm
Maximum advance250mm
Maximum package height 80mm
Spindle diameter 76mm
Loading area1550mm
Tension 230/400V three-phase +-10% + neutral + earth 50/60 Hz
Pneumatic consumption 300-500l/min, 6 bar
Water consumption 60-100 l/h, 10ºC
SecuritySecurity system in accordance with European CE legislation

Valid reasons for ADATEC solutions

  • Complete engineering concept with customer-specific solution
  • Complete solution from a single supplier (turnkey)
  • Knowledge of processes and systems
  • Over 40 years of experience in gauze processing
  • Modern manufacturing methods with high quality profitability and high degree of automation
  • Optimized operating costs