This solution encompasses the entire set of solutions for the marketing of:

  • Sterile compress
  • Non-sterilised compress
  • Sterile ligatures
  • Non-sterilised bandages
  • Other medical devices

Set of solutions:

  • “Industry 4.0” projects
  • Optimisation of manufacturing processes
  • Documentation for the company’s industrial licensing
  • ISO certification
  • Building materials necessary for the creation of the plant
  • Professional training of specialised technicians (laboratory, maintenance and factory workers)
  • Automated equipment with advanced technology inherent to the production line:
    1. Slitting machine for gaze rolls
    2. Cutting and folding machines for compresses of various sizes (5×5, 7.5×7.5, 10×10, 20×15, 45×45, among others on request)
    3. Packing machines for compresses in cartons of various sizes
    4. Large size compress stitching and bending machines
    5. Automatic multiformat line for gauze, cambric and cloth bandages
    6. Automatic gauze piece bending machine
    7. Automatic line for sterile compresses
  • Production management and product traceability